Howard Finster Prints
(People & Characters)
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13x19 Elvis @ 3
13x16 Howling Wolf
13x15 "Greater Love" Howard
Finster print of
Jesus and his
greater love for us.
16x22 Howard'
Self Portrait is an  older print and it     is autographed by him. Only$54.99
13x19 "Preacher Man" Howard Finster Self-Portrait print. Only $14.99
13x19 Howar
holding the World with mansions in the background. 
Only $15.49
13x19"Weight of the World,"a Howard
Finster print of himself trying to get the world right with God.
 Only $15.49
13x19 Howard In The Shoe Print with
beautiful Mountain Homes of Heaven

Only $15.49
13x19 Howard In The Shoe "Earthquake" Message and art Print.
Only $15.49
24x31 Pink Marilyn with Howard Finster Art and Jewelry printed on the large photo and Autographed. 
Only $69.99
7x9 Howard Finster's Marilyn Monroe print dressed in the American Flag.
Only $14.99

Quality Howard Finster's images are printed from one of his unique pieces of original paintings. The print description will include if it had been autographed by him or numbered. His daughter, Beverly Finster also has some prints of her own original images for sale and she has autographed and numbered them as well. 

11 x19 Consider the Ant Print
Only $15.49
10x13 Guard Cat Print
 Only $15.49
8x19 Glitter Santa Print
Only $14.99
14x17 Blackhawk Print
Only $12.99
12x18 Elvis Poster
 Only $14.99
20x24 Baby Trumpet Angel Print. Howard painted his angels on the paper mache angel making it beautiful and unique.  
Only 19.99
11x39 Trumpet Angel Print
Only $14.99
Autographed Only $89.99
11x39 Trumpet Angel Print
Autographed Angel of Paradise by Beverly Finster
Angels playing in Heaven by Beverly Finster
13x19 Elephant Print
Only $15.49
11x13 Cocaine Beast
Only $14.99
9x19 Cheetah Print
Only $15.49
8x19 Red Santa Print
Only $14.99
7x19 Elvis at 3 Print. Howard decorated his overhauls with toys making this Elvis unique. Only $14.99 
13x19 Guardian Angel Print. Howard painted Heavenly Mansions all over her gown. Only $15.49
24 x31 George Washington Print, Autographed by Howard Finster himself. Beautiful detailed art.
Only $99.99
Autographed Innocence by Beverly Finster
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