Mama Heather's Art
Howard Finster's Granddaughter

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7x9 Framed UFO Painting
9x12 Paradise Gardens
9x12 Paradise Garden Chapel
8x10 Get Away @ Paradise Garden
30x36 Paradise Garden Chapel Painting on Wood
10x10 The Garden View Ramp
12x16 Revelations 22 Painting on Canvas Board
10x10 The Mirror House
Free Shipping in the United States

Heather is the granddaughter of Howard Finster and daughter of Beverly Finster. She grew up playing in his Paradise Garden and spent time with her grandfather. All of her paintings are childhood memories of Paradise Garden and her grandfather's messages. Her paintings depict objects from the garden; the chapel, the giant shoe, the mirror house, the tool barn and many more. She likes to include her family, their names and pets in her uplifting and whimsical art. They are all hand painted by brush and may be on card stock cardboard or canvas; what ever she can find to paint on just like her beloved grandfather. Enjoy her very reasonable price pieces in your home and make it a part of your Finster family collection. 

12x16 Paradise Canvas Painting
10x10 Garden viewing Ramp $37.99
12x16 Revelations 22 $74.99

10x10 The Paradise Garden Tool Barn


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