Finster Picture Framing
&  Art Gallery
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. or call for appointment
29 Georgia Avenue, Summerville, GA. 30747.
12x23 Framed Red Santa
12x23 Glitter Santa
21x32 Framed Man of Vision Angel Print
16x24 Framed Ant Mountain
33x40 Framed, matted and autographed Marilyn Monroe. Must be picked up. Too large to ship.
11x23 Framed Tabasco Bottle
18x27 Framed Uncle Sam
Framed Elephant Print
10x22 Framed Coke Bottle with Red Mat
8x10 Framed & Autographed Innocence by Beverly Finster
7x9 Framed God is Love by Beverly Finster
7x9 Framed "Wake Up America"
Free Shipping in the United States only
Finster Picture Framing has been in business for 23 years. We are the most reasonable priced framing that you will find with real wooden custom made frames for all of your framing needs . Not only do we frame your personal memorabilia we offer Howard Finster art prints for a fraction of the cost including shipping in the price. The unique skills our framing business has to offer is not only a shadow box, but we can brush stroke your print to make it look and feel like a real painting. The print is simply framed with no mat or glass just like a real painting. We can also custom crackle paint boards and do cursive writing for your personal decoration needs. We can make cute framed prints for gift ideas for your boss, secretary of friend. We have art skills like no other frame shop. 

12x23 Framed Windstorm Herican Cadillac


11x22 Framed Pink Cadillac


15x16 Framed Cocaine Beast


31x27 Autographed & Framed Highway to Heaven


30x36 Autographed & Framed Rare Heaven & Hell Print


Howard's designed 13x16 Frame with his In This Mansion Print


10.5x23 Framed Howard Self-Portrait


20x47 Framed, triple matted, autographed and numbered 1/1000. Must be picked up. Too large to ship.


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