Finster Picture Framing
&  Art Gallery
New Hours 
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
29 Georgia Avenue, Summerville, GA. 30747.
11x23 Framed Tobasco Bottle
18x27 Framed Uncle Sam
Mattie's 12x14 I Love NY print double matted
Mattie's 12x14 Save A Horse Skid Print
Mattie's 11x13 Animal Vase Flower Print
Framed Elephant Print
8x10 Framed & Autographed Innocence by Beverly Finster
7x9 Framed God is Love by Beverly Finster
7x9 Framed "Wake Up America"

Howard's 8x10 Designed Frame with his Marilyn Monroe Art


Howard's 9x12 Design Frame with his Marilyn Monroe Print


18x21 Autographed & Framed Elvis with Wings


15x16 Framed Cocaine Beast


31x27 Autographed & Framed Highway to Heaven


30x36 Autographed & Framed Rare Heaven & Hell Print


Howard's designed 13x16 Frame with his In This Mansion Print


14x16 Framed Church & School where Howard got saved.


13x16 Framed Staggered Earth


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