Beverly Finster's Art

8x10 High Quality
Three signed and numbered prints
16x18 Angel of Paradise Painting
18x20 Angel of Paradise Signed and numbered Print
29x41 1991 Save The Earth Painting
15x19 Framed The Reprobate Mind
19x21 Framed Oil Painting,
17x20 signed Angel of Fantasy Quality Print

Beverly Finster is the daughter of Howard Finster. She grew up in his Paradise Garden and watched him work in his garden and create his art from the very beginning. She was age 4 when Howard moved his family to a small community called Pennville where he created his Paradise Garden. He gave her scrap pieces of wood and small nails to build her own creations as he built his clock frames in the early years. She was so inspired by his art that she started doing some of her own. He told her that she could do the best art in the family and that she would be a millionaire if she kept painting. She is still his biggest fan. She was blessed to have Howard Finster, a true man of God, be her father, friend and confident. Throughout the years Beverly has painted over 200 pieces and presently continues as she has retired from teaching. Beverly's art is straight from her heart and each piece has time spent on every detail.